I wear three different hats -  one when I'm a dealer, another when I appraise, and a third when I advise. Each represents a distinct way to serve my clients.


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Private Dealer

As a dealer, my primary function is to help you buy and sell art. I typically make a profit or a commission on our transactions. However, I will help you save time and money and I can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

I represent the third generation of art dealers in my family. I was raised in this business and I have worked in it for thirty years. I have a good eye and a seasoned knowledge of the art market. I also have a vision as a dealer. Art objects have become very monetized at the upper echelons of the market in recent years. Nonetheless, I see art as neither a financial instrument nor a luxury. It is a necessity, like music and literature. It does not have to be beyond your means and, whatever market level you are looking in, my aim is to help you find worthy pieces to live with and love.



As an art appraiser, I provide clients with ethical and unbiased professional opinions of value about the items they hire me to appraise.  The appraisals are performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and meet the IRS standards for a qualified appraisal.

In 2017, I joined the Appraisers Association of America as a Certified Member specializing in postwar, contemporary and emerging art. I also appraise modern art, and photography. My services include appraisals for the purposes of insurance, securing loans, financial planning, estate tax liability, charitable donation, and equitable distribution.

I determine my fee for each appraisal based on a discussion with the client that includes the scope of the work being done and the purpose for which the appraisal will be used. It will reflect a reasonable rate for my time plus any additional expenses. However, an appraisal fee may not be contingent on a desired outcome or determined as a percentage of the value of the art being appraised.

 Photo by Stephen DiRado

Photo by Stephen DiRado


As an advisor, I don’t sell any art or make commissions on transactions, but I charge a fee for my time. It allows me to advocate for you without a conflict of interest. This approach is useful when you need an impartial advisor to help you navigate the complexities of the art market. I can save you time and money by doing your research, preventing you from making mistakes, and helping you negotiate better prices. 

My advisory services also include acting as a client's agent, curating, and collection management. I work with a network of the most reliable and highly skilled specialists to handle tasks like framing, installation, cataloging, photography, conservation, packing and shipping.